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Pulp & Paper Industry
Total consumption of wood products in papermaking has grown rapidly over the past decades. Annually, countless tons of paper & paper related products are produced to meet the increasing global demands. Cellulose and lignin are the two primary components in paper making. Cellulose is the fibrous component of wood and is used to make pulp and paper. Lignin is the substance that holds wood fibers together. In a nutshell, pulping process reduces wood to a fibrous mat by separating the cellulose from the lignin. Pulp can also be manufactured from recycled paper products alone or in a mixture with wood fibers. The resulting pulp is the viscous liquid suspension ready for further processing to paper products. The idea of using enzymes in commercial pulp and papermaking is well established. Many types of enzymes with specialized functions can be utilized in various stages in pulp and papermaking processes.  They can be easily applied to existing pulp and paper machines without additional costly modification to the system. Enzyme technology can also be applied to wide variety of methods of pulp and papermaking industry in use today.
The enzyme products from Sukahan (Wei-fang) Bio-technology Co. Ltd. are naturally produced and are not genetically engineered or modified making them very safe to use and environmentally friendly. There are various benefits for utilizing this bio-partnership with enzymes in the pulp and paper industry and this will go well into the future for this important industry.