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An industrial process are an important manufacturing operation in many businesses. These processes are vital and usually consume large amounts of energy each year and therefore have excellent conservation potential with more efficient processing methods. The use of energy in most if not all industries will definitely increase in the near future due to growth in population, more stringent government environmental regulations and high demand for the reuse or recycling of materials. There are many methods and process options for various operations in the manufacturing industries. These industries may range from food processing to textile or fabrics manufacturing. The most common processes used by these industries are usually cause of environmental problems these may include high production of chemical residues, hard-to- process waste by-products and hazardous wastewater emissions including organic pollutants and pathogens. These processes also present many drawbacks in terms of efficiency. Recent industrial developments have seen many companies shifting to microbiological methods for their production operations to eliminate the problems associated with the conventional methods.

Stricter government standards and regulations on industrial waste emissions and effluent discharges and stiffer environmental codes plus cost effectiveness have also played key roles in this change. Integrating new processes to existing treatment facilities is difficult and very costly.  But microbiological methods demand minimum plant design and equipment alterations and has proven to work.